WWII Swiss Helmet

Swiss helmet

Swiss Helmet

The Swiss army in WW2 wore a helmet developed in 1918 This model of 1918 helmet saw a great deal of service in the Swiss Army, and although the Swiss army started wearing a British style drivers or paratroops helmet after 1945, this 1918 pattern helmet continued to see service, up to possibly as late as the 1960s. The design of the helmet remained, largely unchanged.

The helmet has a similar lining to the German helmet of the First World War, having three pads to keep the steel helmet away from the head. The shape was designed to give maximum protection to the hear and neck. The visor is large giving extra protection to the face and eyes. The chin strap is made of leather and has an adjustable metal sliding buckle, the chin strap has a metal spring clip at one end, to allow the strap to be removed without changing the strap's length. These helmets are in fair to good shape with some paint loss, minor rust spots, and wear to the leather.

Swiss helmet with liner and chinstrap - used / good $35.00

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