WW2 US M2 Tripod data plate

Data Plate

Data plate for the WW2 M2 Tripod. These tripods were used for the browning 1917 and 1919 machine guns. This data plate was copied from my original. My original was brass but this one was made out of a thinerbrass coated aluminium These are perfect to restore that old M2 tripod thats missing its data plate. These are also perfect for using on aftermarket tripods that are being made out there. The dataplate will come with some rivits and screws you may or may not be able to use. I had them so im throwing them in with the plate. You can stamp the S/N into the data plate if you wish as can be seen in the picture.

  • M2 Tripod data plate (with rivits and screws) - $12.00


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