WW2 US gas cape

Gas Cape

WWII American Original Individual Protective Cover Used For Protection Against A Chemical Gas Attack....
Anti-vesicant cover in clear and dark green plastic. After unfolding, this completely protected the soldier, together with his weapon and equipment. It was also convenient as an overhead cover in a foxhole, or to line its bottom.

An expandable, bag like, cover with plastic like window, which can speedily be put on to cover the entire body and will protect the individual inside from liquid vesicants and blistering gasses sprayed from the air. The protective cover is compressed and sealed inside a, 7-3/8-inch wide x 4-inch high x 3/4-inch thick, gray/green, weatherproof fabric container. The protective cover is issued as part of the gas mask system and is intended to be used only once. The front is marked, "Cover, Protective, Individual; Stock No. 72-C-1000 P.O. 12869 Backside marked, "NOTE: - This cover is to protect YOU against sprayed blister gasses; When Ready To open Pull Here.

  • Unissued and unopened $6 each. 2 for $10

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