Demilled Spanish Bazooka

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These were made in the the 60s and will show storage wear, paint loss,scratches and dings This is a a man-portable rocket launcher used by the Spanish Army and her allies, probably during the korean and vietnam wars.
  • Overall Length: 70"
  • 3-1/2" Tube
  • various paint colors

  • (the one pictured is not the one you will be getting, its just for refference)

  • Spanish Manufactured
  • Comes with Original Optical Sight (no eyecup)
  • Shield
  • Carry Strap and Bipod
  • Deactivated to BATF Specs
  • 2-pc. Take-down Aluminum Construction

CANNOT BE SOLD TO RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA (or any other communist states)

Spanish Bazooka/Rocket launcher $250.00

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